The idea of the five elements is one of many theories and philosophies developed by Taoist scribes, doctors and researchers in ancient China in order to diagnose harmonies and disharmonies. It also seeks to explain in simple language complex relationships and their interplay with the world, in nature and the body. The 5 Elements TCM team focus exclusively on this idea, specialising in it. If necessary, however, we are also able to use other medical treatments. 5 Elements TCM uses a pictorial, figurative language that is easy to understand and remains so, even when dealing with highly complicated processes. It enabled the people of ancient China to acquire insights into the secrets hidden on or under their skins. In this way, they acquired the skills to take charge of their own lives, and enhance their well-being and health. It empowered them to become the creators of their own destiny, and not simply be at the mercy of symptoms that could not be explained. The word was thus the driving force behind the quest for self-healing powers.  

In the beginning was the word.