5 Elements TCM
Traditional Chinese Medicine


The 5 Elements TCM team works across methods. After the first interview, the anamnesis, your therapist will see which methods are best for you. The therapy plan takes place after the energetic diagnosis is made according to the principle of the 5 elements of TCM.

The manifestation of the five elements in both nature and the human body. The proportions of the elements and their relationship to one another is an extremely fragile and delicate thing. Elements can support, change or damage each other. Traditional Chinese medicine has a range of highly developed, sophisticated methods aimed at regulating these elements so as to correct these "inconsistencies", and help guide the body back to "Dao", where it feels most at home, i.e. most comfortable. It uses the in-born strength of the body to maintain its household correctly and efficiently, and not waste it on the "world outside". The world outside, the environment, is constantly making demands on the body in many ways, and straining it too much. It is a great art to be able to recognize this, and to restore the body to the right condition. Just as the outside world can nourish us, it can also drain and exhaust us. What is essential to maintain health is a cycle of giving and taking in the right proportion.

The Five Elements TCM Team of Therapists.  

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